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The Continent of Mastoperia

Hidden in the heart of the World, Mastoperia is the continental home of four factions with different powers and unique magic systems.

The Continent, like the rest of the world, is only 1000 years old. It came to existence after a catastrophic event ended the old world, known as First Civilization. The disaster broke the planet into five continents and created an everlasting natural barrier that separated Mastoperia from the rest of the world.

Only one couple survived the center of destruction. Togehter, they fathered the four children who later stumbled upon the magical powers that shaped the Mastoperia of today.

Magic systems

Each of the four factions has a power unique only to them, and that power is what shapes their societies.

Explore each of the factions to learn about their magic system and how it works.


Home of the Lotus and the black water of Zuno lakes, Lunar is where technology is born. This faction is where science evolves into gadgets and machinery.

Lunardis like to take advantage of their brain seed and elevate their brain functions beyond that of a genius. Known for their coldness and cruelty, Lunardis find Solace in Luxury and the latest inventions, but sometimes,  their power can be their worst enemy.


Home of the skyscrapers and white suits, Delphia is famous for theoretical science and bizarre strict laws.

Delphians escape the boredom of knowing the future by flipping their life upside down, which is noticeable in how they moved the entrance to all of their buildings to the rooftops, and criminalizing life in the lower streets. They also like to free-run every where, and refuse to have any type of moving vehicles inside their cities.


Kala lives in the heart of the desert, almost separate from the rest of Mastoperia. They are the opposite of Lunar both in geographical and realistic manners. Kala has no technology, at a first glance, one would think they still live in the first century. 

Kalangous focus only on mastering the power of Magical Gates, and pay attention to nothing else. They don’t like their power, but see it as a necessity since they consider all factions to be their enemies


Like Kala, members of Averett pay no attention to technology or science. They prefer to spend their lives roaming in the Fantastic Forest, filled with freedom as they hunt Majestics and add them to their personal collections.

Averettis live in tree houses and find luxuries and facilities to be overrated. They believe in life, and listen only to their own desires.

The Forbidden Warriors

The Forbidden Warriors is a council that combines members of the four factions. Their mission is to keep the peace, a job they don’t always want to do. They take home in the Forbidden city, which centers the four factions.

The first group of Forbidden Warriors came to existence 270 years after the birth of Mastoperia. They were a result of an all faction war that almost wiped everyone from existence.

The warriors consist of 45 members.

40 ordinary warriors (ten from each faction) that serve for ten years and are appointed directly by the factions.

4 Royal guards (one from each faction). The guards serve for 250 years, and are nominated by their factions, but must pass the test of the old guards before they take their new positions. The test also chooses one of the candidates to become the leader of the Royal guards and all the warriors. Once appointed, the new guards receive power enhancements and gene alteration that stops them from aging during their entire service.

1 Councilor. Is always the leader of the previous guards.

For now, The Forbidden Warriors can only be explored in the book series, The Forbidden.

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