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An Interactive game for Fantasy lovers

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For the best experience, read the entire scene before jumping to the poll. If you’re joining the game in the middle, make sure to read all the previous scenes first.

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At the end of each scene there will be a poll for the next scene. Choose the direction you want the story to follow. The choice of the majority dictates where the story goes.


There will be a new scene every Thursday. Polls will be open until Sunday. Early access, perks, and scene discussions will be available only to the discord community. 

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01- First contact

After years of failed experiments, Laya realized that the only way to control the minds of her people is by communicating with another world, one that she knows nothing of, but will reach out to anyway.

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After five years of riding her Magical beast, Saya still suffers from discrimination for being the only female rider, but she is about to make a decision that could change everything.

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03-The King’s Palace

Worried about the safety of her family, Saya leaves her section unprotected, and flies to section seventeen to engage with the magical creatures attacking it.

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04- A mountain of Magicals

Following her meeting with the king, Saya takes her Magical to the top of the mountain where all beasts live, but what happened next could change her kingdom forever

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06 – Enemy hunt

After Saya decides to hunt the enemy’s ship, she finds herself trapped against forces she didn’t expect, surrounded by decisions she doesn’t want to make.

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07- Wotan

Trapped by the robot’s of Wotan, Saya has another decision to make that would either lead her to doom or survival

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