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Have you ever wanted to be a part of the story? Majority Rules allows you to narrate where the story goes. Readers of the series will be able to choose each scene from multiple choices before the author works on it. Finished stories will be published in Ebook and Paperpack formats.

The Forbidden Series

The Forbidden Warriors are the only power that keeps the magical factions of Mastoperia from annihlating one another, but the warriors must change their leadership every two hundred and fifty years. Now, when the factions sent their candidates to the Forbidden City, the new warriors will discover that their world is much bigger than they thought. Will they come together to fight for their world? or would their allegiance to their faction blinds them from the truth?

About our interactive game and its world

Majority rules

What is better than reading fantasy? Deciding where the story goes. Majority Rules gives you the fun of submerging into a complete fantasy world while having some power over the protagonist and the entire story. Read the scene, enjoy the world, and choose where the next scene will go. All choices will be decided through public voting, and the choice of the majority will dictate the story. We have a new scene every week. Early access for discord members.

first Civilization

The world of Mastoperia is only a thousand years old, but Mastoperia was not the first in existence. Before the world broke into five continents and gave us the four magical factions, there was another, a first civilization.

Explore the world of the First Civilization by playing Majority Rules, just reading the scenes, or wait when the game is over and buy the story in your favorite book format. Discover the difference between the two worlds, explore new magic systems and creatures, and find out how it all affected the Forbidden Series.   

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